Chatbot in Recruitment Department

Chatbot in Recruitment Department

After successes in sales areas, we decided to create and use chatbot in our Recruitment Department. Our Chatbot is an innovative tool which task is to conduct conversations with potential candidates for work 24 hours a day, so always when the candidates expect it.

Thanks to the Chatbot, candidates interested in working with us can contact the communicator at any time and have an initial recruitment interview.

Chatbot asks some basic questions and collect the most important information about the candidates. This information is then directed to the appropriate Recruiters who finalize the recruitment process.

According to global surveys, the number of Recruiter’s duties is increasing from year to year. In addition, today we have an employee market and a shortage of specialists, which means that we have to recruit faster than the competition.

The lifestyle and communication among new generations are also changing. A particular challenge for the Recruiters is the Z generation, that is people born after 1995 who value real-time communication. They talk to Chatbot most often.

Thanks to our Chatobot, we gain a conscious potential candidate for work in Delta Contact and automate the selection process, which improves the work of our team.


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