Delta Contact Berlin 2016

Delta Contact Berlin 2016

This year Delta Contact was again present on the largest European call center fair CCW in Berlin.

It is a great place where we can observe current trends and direction in which the business is being developed. We can make new contacts there, make familiar with suppliers and their offer, analyse our IT backgroud and finally we can have a short reflection on the market, our opportunities and challenges.

This year one of the major topic on CCW was customer service in omnichannel model. We are very enthusiastic about it as we are also developing omnichannel model and for some time we have been creating multichannel, consistent communiction with cooperation with our clients. We strongly believe that building customers’ loyalty on the basis of quality service and customer experience is a right direction for all commapnies which want to sustain and develop long term relations with their customers.

Now there is a lot of work before us. We have some new ideas and solutions that we have already started to implement in the company. In addistion, some contact gained during CCW are developing and turning into a new contract that we are just finilising smiley We hope that this new Contract will be the beginning of long term cooperation which brings profits and satisfaction to out Client and us.



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