Privacy policy

For the purposes of privacy and confidentiality of all processed information Delta Connect  enforces following privacy rules:

   1. User does not need to disclose any personal data to use the webpage. While some functions of the page may require such data, every action of that kind requires direct consent of the user. Furthermore, any instance of personal data processing uses all technological and organizational measures required for safe processing and storage of personal data.

   2. Delta Contact employs all security measured designed to prevent any and all unauthorised persons, including unauthorised personnel of the organizing party from accessing any data acquired from the information user.

   3. The only information required and collected by Delta Contact is the information necessary to understand needs of the webpage user. Collected data will be processed only for the purposes of satisfying such needs of the users and, after prior consent of the subject, also for other purposes limited to those explicitly stated in the statement of consent.

   4. Delta Contact may record a location of the physical computer user uses to access the webpage for the purposes of system administration and security measures. Webpage Owner may monitor the number of the visitors of the separate parts of the webpage and user's identity, provided user is registered.

   5. Delta Contact will never disclose user information to any external party without explicit user consent, legitimate legal reasons or informing the user of such fact.

   6. Delta Contact will never disclose Customer information to other companies and organizations. The only exception to this rule is mandatory disclosure due to legal reasons (e.g. court order).

   7. Government organizations, including judicial and policing institutions may temporarily call for disclosure of user information. In such case, Webpage Owner shall disclose user information only when properly authorised to do so.

   8. Personal Data are submitted only on user's discretion. User always has an access to his or her personal data via individual login/password combination and retains exclusive power of authorisation of personal data submission. Consumer (data subject) has an access to his or her data and ability to make all necessary corrections.

   9. All parties cooperating and professionally related to Delta Contact, all employees of the Webpage Owner and any third party explicitly authorised to access user data are bound by all privacy rules stated heretofore in this document.


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