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You don’t need to abandon studies to gain professional experience

Strong and well organized team in our company consists of many young, ambitious people who consistently try to achieve their goals. In other words, people like YOU!

We offer you a  job that can be performed alongside regular studies, so you don’t need to abandon your dreams passion. YOU decide how to organize your schedule for the next week.

Do you want to merge business with pleasure?

Learn for yourself that working with us is a good thing!


Maternity AND professional development 

We know how hard it can be when young mothers try to raise children while working. We allow you to finish work at 3 P.M. so you’ll be able to pick up your kid from kindergarten or school. Every year we run a recruitment campaign focused on young moms who had their first baby before starting a career or had to resign from work for some time due to parental obligations.

Learn for yourself that working with us is a good thing!


Your age doesn’t matter

Thanks to employed seniors our company was able to succeed in projects requiring maturity and life experience. We also noticed that mature people working on financial and hobby project are held by Customers in very high regard. We know how important personal development is, and we gladly welcome people over 50 and 60.

Don’t waste your time! Join our team now!

Learn why working with us is a good thing!


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