Supplying the highest quality of services we decided to use only the cutting-edge information technology. We invest exclusively in IT systems and solutions that are capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding Customers, who expect nothing less than perfect reliability and the highest quality of the acquired data.


Our system includes integrated modules allowing us to freely manage user privileges. This system is closely linked to the reporting module capable of providing our Partners with all reports they may require. It also allows for contact management personally dedicated to the particular Employee.


Our system allows our Partners to use all kinds of output, input and mixed actions including multi-channel voice, e-mail and fax services.

  • IVR
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Call-back


List above contains only some of the tools our Partners can use for communication with Customers.


For additional information concerning available resources and technical possibilities, please contact us by sending a query, or a filled contact form.


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