Mom at Work

Mom at Work

The popularity of the „Mom at Work” competition increases every year and meets rising interest of both employees and employers.


Recently, Delta Contact once again joined the community consisting of over 100 companies conducting surveys of the employed mothers. Our company was ranked 12th in the general ranking of the companies promoting healthy practices of women employment.


Fundacja Świętego Mikołaja (Santa Claus Fund), an organization promoting family-friendly and women-friendly attitudes in human resources management together with Rzeczpospolita magazine and MillwardBrown SMG/KRC Research Institute, organizes a competition among the companies employing working mothers. Competition is open to all companies promoting equal employment rights. Its authors want to point out that women able to balance professional duties with family life are perfectly organized and very valuable employers. They also try to persuade other employers that promoting employment of working mothers is both a worthy goal and a successful business strategy.


Our company entered this competition for the second time so we could use all previously gathered information concerning the attitude and needs of the working women and we could utilise this information by implementing various solutions. In recognition of our work we were awarded a commendation for our successful attempts to promote good practices in the employment women and mothers.


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